A Touch of Peace:

In the Midst of Madness

This book has been created to support and help simplify “The Bipolar Christian process.” God not only has saved me through it all but has surrounded me with family, friends and a community of believers to support me through a process where my life has been transformed from depression, mania, rejection, insecurities, to a victorious, secure, woman of God. In this book, I share some personal stories, journals, psalms and scriptures that I pray will give you insight into the life of a person with bipolar disorder so that you can provide help and hope in the body of Christ.

In a time when so many try to give easy answers to complex situations, where platitudes persist and rhyming for better phrases abound, a Touch of Peace is a breath of fresh air.  With expert precision and a Pastor's heart, this seasoned Leader allows you into her world and takes you on a journey of Faith that is sure to help yours discover truth for many aspects of your life.  Those who open this book will also be opening the door of hope, power and you will never be the same again.

Dr. Sandrie Serrano Bermudez

Hands Fellowship Leading Pastor